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Mangusta 80

Yart Carbon 28 Leticia
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Leopard 27 Yart Carbon 92 Le Grand Achilles
Tango Achilles 80 Yart Classic 80 Achilles
Yart Billionaire Meditation
Classic Schooner Angelina

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August 15, 2014
We just acquired our new boat, classic schooner Angelina, and it's available for charter now! please see more details here!

Also, our Yart Billionaire Meditation just had a US$ 3 million refit completed - in- and outside!

September 06, 2010
Our yacht Mangusta 105 One O Five has been used for a music video shooting by one of the best bands in Thailand - Thaitanium! For the video please click here!

June 10, 2010

This month saw the return of two of our premium yachts back from servicing and maintenance. Our fleet of 10 yachts are ready to be chartered throughout Asia. Contact us via the online quote form above for more details.

Our Charter Locations

Yacht charter locations of

South East Asia

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

East Asia

Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam


Billionaire Yacht Club is a Singapore-based charter company offering luxury charters. With a fleet of 8 charter yachts, our clients have a diverse range to accommodate for any occasion or function. We have an experienced crew and support staff which aims to provide the best yachting experience for each client.

Key Personnel

Mr. 'Pascal' Vu Anh (Founder/Chairman)
Being the founder of Luxury Cruiseline Co., Ltd., Mr Vu Anh built the former MV Meditation (now Yart Billionaire Meditation), which is a custom-made 130 foot luxury yacht. This yacht is the largest boat available for charter in Phuket, Thailand. Currently Mr. Vu Anh is co-owner of the shipyard "Tango" in Buenos Aires, Argentina and owner of the shipyard "Yartmarine" in Phuket, Thailand.. He holds an MBA from the University of Minneapolis.

Mr.Vu-Gerin Quoctan (Chief Operating Officer)
Mr. Vu-Guerin Quoctan is the inventor of the system "I BOAT", which is a management system for yachts. He holds a PHD of computer science from the University of Paris and had invented the hands free car kit with voice recognition for mobile GSM in 1993. Mr. Quoctan sold his company QUATRIX to a French listed company.

Mr. Eric Preumont (Chief Technology Officer)
Mr. Eric Preumont is an electromechanical engineer by trade, working as assistant director for the shipyard of Rodriguez Group. Prior to that he held the position of Project Manager at Hammamet (Tunisia) and was founder of Superyacht Services SA, which was sold to a listed company in France.

Mr. Geoffrey Preumont (Technical Director)
Mr. Geoffrey Preumont is an engineer and project manager in the welding section of Rodriguez Group shipyard in Golfe Juan. Along with Eric, Geoffrey also founded Superyacht Services SA.

Mr. Kyle Mc Lane Light (Captain)
A fully certified "Yachtmaster 2" and Master Diver, Mr. Mc Lane Light was an ex Navy Seal in the South African Army, commanding a unit of 35 soldiers.

Mr. Nathan Weyers (Customer Service Hospitality Director)
He is currently the Artist and Project Manager on the Yacht "Meditation". Based in Langkawi, Mr. Weyers previously worked as General Manager Entertainment at Vietnam Resort "Nha Trang". Mr. Weyers will manage the onboard customer service and entertainment.

Mr. Jaroslav Hojsevek (Consultant)
Previously employed as Workshop Manager at Buggyra Grytech in Dubai, Mr. Hojsevek was master painter for Ferrari. He is the founder of Tuning Presence Ltd., which was sold to Buggyra Ltd., one of the biggest truck racing operators in the world.

Mr. Rupert Hadlow (Consultant)
Mr. Hadlow previously worked with financial services firms Ord Minnett JP Morgan and Etrade Australia Securities in the areas of High Net Worth Client advisory, research and trading. Holding a Bachelor of International Business from Griffith University, Mr. Hadlow has extensive experience in financial modelling and analysis, internet marketing and web site development.
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